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Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Motor Vehicle Exception in Governmental Immunity Cases

Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Ruling on Motor Vehicle Exception to Governmental Immunity

Key Points:

  • Michigan Supreme Court affirms decisions from appellate and trial courts
  • County commission’s motion for summary disposition denied
  • Motor vehicle exception to governmental immunity involved


The Michigan Supreme Court has recently upheld rulings from both the appellate and trial courts, which denied a county commission’s motion for summary disposition. This case revolves around the motor vehicle exception to governmental immunity, a crucial aspect in determining liability in car accidents involving government entities.

In conclusion, the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the lower courts’ rulings highlights the importance of the motor vehicle exception to governmental immunity. This ruling may have significant implications for car accident cases involving government entities, and it is crucial for individuals involved in such accidents to seek legal counsel from experienced law firms to navigate the complexities of these cases.

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