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Hesperia Crash Victim Identified: Bernadette Pena’s Tragic Accident Reminder

HESPERIA, Calif. ( — A driver killed in a single-vehicle crash near the railroad tracks in Hesperia was identified as Bernadette M. Pena, 37, a resident of Victorville. On Friday, October 29, 2023, at approximately 2:34 p.m., a reporting party called 911 and advised of a possible traffic collision near Santa Fe Avenue and Sycamore …


Driver Killed in Crash Near Railroad Tracks in Hesperia Identified as Victorville Woman

Summary of Fatal Car Accident in Hesperia

  • Victim Identified

    • Bernadette M. Pena, 37, of Victorville

  • Accident Details

    • Occurred on Friday, October 29, 2023

    • Location: Near Santa Fe Avenue and Sycamore in Hesperia

    • Single-vehicle crash near railroad tracks

The tragic accident that took the life of Bernadette M. Pena, a 37-year-old Victorville resident, serves as a reminder of the dangers that can arise on the road. As the investigation into the cause of the crash continues, it is essential for drivers to remain vigilant and prioritize safety while behind the wheel.

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