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France’s Rugby Team Secures Top Spot with 96-0 Win Over Namibia

Massive Victory for France in Rugby Match Against Namibia

Key Points:

  • France dominates Namibia with a 96-0 victory
  • 14 tries scored by France during the match
  • Bonus-point win secures top position in Pool A
  • Match took place at Stade de Marseille on September 21

France’s Rugby Team Crushes Namibia in Pool A

In an impressive display of skill and dominance, France’s rugby team scored a staggering 14 tries, leading to a 96-0 victory over Namibia. This bonus-point win has secured their position at the top of Pool A. The match, which took place at Stade de Marseille on September 21, showcased the French team’s prowess and determination to succeed in the tournament.

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France’s Rugby Team Dominates Namibia in Pool A Match

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