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Enhanced Accident Reconstruction: J.S. Held Acquires TransCon CSI

J.S. Held expands mid-Atlantic presence, enhancing accident reconstruction technical expertise and expert witness testimony by acquiring Annapolis, Maryland-based TransCon CSI. JERICHO, N.Y., Oct. 3, 2023


J.S. Held Expands Technical Expertise in Accident Reconstruction with Acquisition of TransCon CSI

J.S. Held Acquires TransCon CSI to Expand Accident Reconstruction Expertise

Key Points:

  • J.S. Held expands mid-Atlantic presence
  • Enhances accident reconstruction technical expertise
  • Improves expert witness testimony capabilities
  • Acquires Annapolis, Maryland-based TransCon CSI

What This Means for Car Accident Victims and Lawyers

Improved Accident Reconstruction Services

With the acquisition of TransCon CSI, J.S. Held is now better equipped to provide top-notch accident reconstruction services. This is crucial for car accident victims and their lawyers, as accurate and detailed accident reconstructions can significantly impact the outcome of motor vehicle accident cases.

Expert Witness Testimony

TransCon CSI’s expertise in providing expert witness testimony will further strengthen J.S. Held’s ability to support car accident victims and their lawyers in court. A credible and knowledgeable expert witness can make a significant difference in the success of a motor vehicle accident case.

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

According to Law Referral, some questions you may want to ask your lawyer about this acquisition include:

“How will J.S. Held’s acquisition of TransCon CSI affect my car accident case?”

“Can we now access better accident reconstruction services for my case?”

“Will this acquisition improve our chances of securing expert witness testimony?”

Our Hot Take

J.S. Held’s acquisition of TransCon CSI is a significant development in the field of accident reconstruction and expert witness testimony. This move will likely benefit car accident victims and their lawyers by providing improved technical expertise and resources. As a result, motor vehicle accident cases may see more accurate reconstructions and stronger expert witness testimonies, ultimately leading to better outcomes for those involved.

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