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District Judge Megan Stiverson’s Car Accident: Details and Legal Implications

Car Accident Involving District Judge Megan Stiverson

Summary of Key Points

  • Judge Megan Stiverson elected as district judge in November 2020
  • Involved in a car accident on September 11
  • Sustained minor injuries
  • Car rolled over after being hit by another vehicle
  • Hillsdale Deputy Chief of Fire Mark Hawkins provided details

Hot Take

Recently elected District Judge Megan Stiverson experienced a car accident on September 11, in which she sustained minor injuries. The accident occurred when another vehicle collided with her Chevrolet Suburban, causing it to roll over. Hillsdale Deputy Chief of Fire Mark Hawkins shared details about the incident, stating that Stiverson was heading eastbound around a corner at the time. Car accidents like this can happen to anyone, even prominent figures like Judge Stiverson. It’s essential to be aware of the potential risks on the road and to seek legal assistance if you find yourself in a similar situation.

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